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Fundraising Projects

The Pottery Place has some very unique ways to help your school or organization raise money. You'll be having fun and also be doing something terrific for your group.

Tile Wall Fundraising Projects

Child Tile WallA Tile Wall Fundraising Project is a fantastic fundraising event that helps your organization (school, temple, church, non-profit charity, corportion) raise funds while creating a unique and colorful tile mural. The Pottery Place sells you tiles at a discount and then you sell them for a significant mark-up. Your community members handpaint the tiles they've purchased and once complete, the tiles are mounted to a building wall.

Reasons to create a Tile Wall Project

  • Raise funds for a new playground
  • Add to a new building or renovation
  • Commemorate an anniversary
  • Celebrate a graduating class
  • Beautify an existing area
  • Thank financial donors
  • Bring a community together


Auction Projects

Are you looking for a way to raise a lot of money for your school or organization? Your children's artwork, painted on pottery pieces, can help. Parent's love their children's art and auction pieces painted by children have caused some impressive bidding wars. We've heard of pieces going for as much as $3,000! Not that every pottery piece will sell for that much, but there's nothing quite as special as something a child makes, so who knows?